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You’ve arrived at a very good place; a coffee shop where excellent coffee meets a great story.
This unique coffee brewery, has its company’s specialty blends made from start to finish by coffee originator, roaster and barista Sihle Magubane. He personally selects the beans and blends, roasts and retails them himself.

Sihle’s Brew is South Africa’s first individually black-owned coffee brand, and it is available now. Browse our professional variety of JURA fully automatic coffee machines. The JURA WE8 Chrome - Fully Automatic and JURA X8 are perfect for any corporate, industrial or home environment. Order online or browse our coffee menu. All purchases are quality guaranteed.

Sihle's Products

Sihle’s Brews come in five signature blends:
Original, Java Press, Espresso Signature and Decaf.

Sihle sources his beans from Africa’s best coffee plantations in Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania (his supplier is in the process of acquiring Fair Trade Certification), and takes care personally to ensure that his quality standards are met during every step of the process. His comprehensive approach takes patience, dedication and skill, but you can taste the difference in every sip. If you are looking for a versatile coffee brewery, with quality service, you have come to the right placey. With his coffee products growing in reputation, the sky is the limit. You can shop online or Contact Sihle directly to purchase a broad range of Instant Coffees and products

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