Sihle Magubane’s life was turned around when his adventures in coffee began a decade ago. Almost by chance in 2003 he was selected for training at the Ciro Coffee Academy, where he obtained the comprehensive International Barista Certificate through City & Guilds, an internationally accredited training body. Before that he had been struggling to support his family, working as a gardener since he became the sole provider for his siblings at just 16 years old. Sihle’s passion for coffee was instantaneous. Love and talent blossomed, and after a decade of experience in the field as a renowned barista and trainer (coffee sales at one of his clients’ restaurants shot up five times in just a month after he’d trained their staff) Sihle was inspired to strike out and launch his own brand. Sihle still provides training at coffee shops and restaurants as part of his comprehensive package, and he continues to grow and develop the Sihle’s Brew brand.

Sihle Magubane

“If any human being is given a chance to obtain training or skills, the same human being will excel on his or her job”
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